About Suzann Larsen, Web Designer

Like nearly everyone, talking “About Me” is a bit of a challenge. But since you’d probably like to know a bit more about my background and just exactly what does “40 years of experience” mean to you, I’ll elaborate…

I got started in the IT (Information Technology) field in the early 1970’s — that was waaay back when everything was done on main-frame computers (in computer rooms the size of a small house) and IBM cardboard ‘punch cards’.  (You kids may have to look that up!)  I fell in love with computer programming and went on to get my College degree in Computer Science, graduating near the top of my class.

I worked in corporate jobs for about 30 years, with various titles such as Database Designer/Developer, Systems Administrator, Systems Analyst, Technical Support Manager, Project Manager and more. I’ve worked on large teams as a specialist building corporate products and also worked all by myself as a Jack-of-all-trades-do-everything independent consultant.

About 15 years ago, I moved away from the corporate scene and transitioned into working as an independent software developer/analyst/consultant. At about the same time, I was attracted to the internet and started to build software specifically for the web as a Professional Web Designer. I’ve watched these technologies change and popular usage explode exponentially. From people asking “What’s email?” to people now looking for the best app to help manage their half-dozen streams of electronic email, tweets, texts, posts, social networks and more. What exciting times!!

I enjoy teaching people technology, explaining concepts in simple terms using everyday analogies.

After 40 years I’m officially retired now, a grandmother, and enjoying my status and perks as a “Senior”. I continue to build websites and do software consulting as an ongoing home-based business. I know I’ll be a techie-nerd for the rest of my days…. building software has been my lifelong passion simply because it’s sooo much fun!