FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

for Adult Long Term Residential Care Homes

If you have questions about the process of building your website or about some of the more techie terms used, please take a minute to read through these FAQ. And if you have additional questions not answered here, please be sure to contact me.

Q: What do you mean that we "partner" together?

A: You do tasks I can’t do and I do tasks that you can’t (or don’t want to) do.

You can think of the website building process like taking on a small construction project where you hire a combination architect / builder / designer. They take care of all the technical details of safe design, getting appropriate permits and the actual construction. They also design it so it looks good and functions well inside and out.

But you have to do your part… you have to tell them how many rooms you want, the layout (one level, multi-story etc), your lifestyle, your decorating desires, etc. This way they know how to make sure your completed project fits your needs.

Q: What tasks am I (client) responsible for?

A: You supply details about you, your facility, photos, plus tell me about your style preferences

The primary thing is you tell me all about you and your facility.  To create your website I’ll need information such as what are your care specialties, how many staff you have, what amenities are available in your home, what training/certifications do you (and your staff) have, perhaps why you got into this business and some testimonials if you have them, etc.  No worries though, you don’t have to think of everything yourself — I’ll send you a worksheet / questionnaire to help you organize your thoughts. And when you’re  done, you’ll likely be amazed at how much you really have to offer and how impressive it sounds!

You’ll also be the one to take some nice clear digital photos of your home, yourself and anything else you’d like to have appear on your website. Most people really enjoy this photographer step!

The other thing I’ll ask you for are hints on your layout and style preferences. I’ll make this easy too by giving you a few other websites and some samples to look at so we can talk the same lingo. I’ll want to know things like… Do you prefer a menu at the top or on the side? Do you like fonts that look big & bold, a typewriter style “serif” font, or something more neutral? And what are your favorite colors?  There’s many choices here but it really is a lot of fun… sort of like picking out new clothes!

Q: What tasks are you (web developer) responsible for?

A: I do the techie stuff — acquire domain name and hosting service; then design, build, test and publish the website.

If it’s in any way technical, I do it. I may have some additional questions for you as I get into it, but they’ll be simple ones you can answer quickly and easily. Plus you’ll get to review the website for final approval before it’s published and open for visitors.

Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: Yes. The cost of Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting are in addition to my fees.

Domain name and hosting costs are separate since they are not provided by me. Both are needed in order to have your own private website and are normally paid for on an annual basis. Specialized companies provide these services, and like most services, there are lots of “bells & whistles” add-ons. No worries though… I set things up for you with a reputable reliable company and make sure you only pay for exactly what you require.

(See the following individual Q&A’s for more details on these topics.)

Q: What is a domain name and registration?

A: Think of your Domain Name as the legal name & address for your business, but for the internet.

You already have a legal business entity name that you’ve registered with the State where your business is located and licensed. Similarly, you need a registered name for the internet. There are large companies that specialize in registering domain names. It’s a simple matter of setting up an account, finding an appropriate name that isn’t taken, and registering it for your website. For example, if your business name is “Golden Harmony Adult Family Home” then we’ll try to get goldenharmony.com for your website (or something similar).

This is a small (but absolutely essential!) cost — only about $15 annually. I’ll get it set up for you and make sure we’ve picked a name you like, but it’ll be your account and your responsibility to have a valid credit card on file to make sure the name is auto-renewed every year.

Q: What is website hosting service?

A: Website hosting is similar to the physical building where your care facility is located, only for your website.

Needless to say, you have to have a physical building where your residents live… somewhere where their relatives can find you and come to visit. Just so, you need to rent some hosting space on a special computer connected to the internet. This is where your website “lives”.  Your website also has it’s version of “visitors” — potential clients who are sitting at home, browsing the internet, looking at your site, reading all about you!

Hosting services are usually paid annually. For a typical small website, expect about $75 for the first year and $125 a year thereafter. (The first year costs are less than subsequent years since companies usually offer incentives for new customers. This is very common throughout the web hosting industry.)

Like the Domain Name registration, this is also something that should be in your name, not mine. I’ll set it up for you so it’s automatic and easy.

Q: What does "Responsive" mean?

A: Responsive means that your website automatically responds to whatever device your visitor is using.

It’s pretty easy to create a website that looks good for people sitting at home viewing it on their big screen PC. But what about the busy folks looking at your website on a tiny mobile phone screen barely 2 inches across? When a website is fully responsive it automatically re-formats and re-sizes your entire website content. Your website may look slightly different when someone looks at it on a phone vs. a tablet vs. a home computer but your content will always still look good and be readable no matter what.

Why is this important?  In mid-2014 access to the internet from mobile devices actually exceeded access from laptops and PCs and this trend to mobile is only increasing. This means that if your site is not responsive you will increasingly lose visitors since it’s way too difficult for them to view and navigate your site. You must make it easy and attractive for everyone to read about you.

Q: Who "owns" my website -- you or me?

A: It’s your website, I make sure you own it so you can ultimately control it!

I have to tell you that I feel very strongly about this and I insist that when my job is done, I hand you the “keys”. You may choose to hire me for more work in the future, but if not, you are totally free to do whatever you want with your “property”.

Why? There have been far too many times over the past 15 years when I’ve had friends or clients call me in a total panic about their “missing” website. They may have had a friend register a domain name for them, or had a friend-of-a-friend build a site for them. Then years may go by, people forget and move on, something expires and suddenly their entire website disappears!

I investigate and may discover they didn’t really pay attention to whose name was on the accounts or perhaps didn’t read the “fine print” of their agreements. Then I’ve got to figure out how to get their website back for them… usually a difficult and stressful process. Sort of like having your car suddenly re-possessed even though you’ve been paying the payments and insurance for the past 5 years. And then when you call the licensing bureau you discover your “friend” registered your car in their name… imagine the hassle of sorting that mess out!

I promise you… when we’re done, you’ll have all the proper “paperwork” in your name plus simple instructions on what to do to keep everything safe and up-to-date.

Q: What is WordPress and why do I care?

A: WordPress is the most popular site building platform in use in the world today.

I build your website on WordPress to ensure you are using the most powerful versatile and free management system in existence. Of all websites that use management systems, over 60% use WordPress. How many is that really? As of Feb 2014, about 75 million websites used WordPress!

This ensures…

  • your site is built on a main-stream foundation that will continue to evolve and keep pace with technology month after month, year after year.
  • you will always have plentiful resources and assistance available to you in the future if you choose to a) learn to maintain your website yourself, or b) have someone else take over managing your site.

The hosting service we recommend is built on specially tuned hardware and software designed to run WordPress as fast and securely as possible. It runs much faster than typical general purpose hosting services. Additional WordPress specific tools and services are also provided. This is known as “WordPress Managed” hosting.

Q: OK, I'm interested. How do we do this?

A: Here’s a quick overview of how we create your website together.

  • Send me an email or call to let me know you’re interested.
  • I’ll email you a free no-obligation Overview document that explains in exactly how we’ll work together step by step to create the best website for you. Plus I’ll send you our Website Development Agreement.
  • Take your time to look it all over, and if desired, I’ll give you a call to answer any questions you have about our process, your website needs or any special circumstances you may have. I’ll make a recommendation as to the best plan for you.
  • Once you decide to move forward we finalize the Development Agreement and the real process begins!
  • I give you more documents to guide you step-by-step in collecting all the info for your website, taking photos, making your choices, etc.  You can of course, call/email me with questions at any time.
  • Once your work is done, I’ll review everything, register your domain and set up your web hosting service. Then I’ll start building your website based on all the information you supplied.
  • When I’ve got the site ready, I’ll email you and we set up the initial review before your website is published. We review it together and you let me know your comments, changes or additions you’d like, etc.
  • I make the changes and we do the final review. When it’s all lookin’ good, I push the “Publish” button. You’ve now got your very own website!