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for Adult Long Term Residential Care Homes

Adult Long Term Residential Care goes by many names, with slightly different variations in each state. But the basics are quite similar — providing long term care in a small group residential family style (rather than institutional) setting.  This is the business of caring for seniors who need assistance carrying out basic self-care tasks (such as bathing, dressing or eating), or daily living tasks (such as household chores or meal preparation). Everyone knows this is becoming more and more essential as our population ages and the day-to-day care of Mom and/or Dad becomes an overwhelming task.

If you are a provider of Adult Long Term Residential Care you probably have likely noticed this tremendous growth as more and more providers set up their services and start competing for business.  Keep in mind that one resident could easily bring into your business over $250,000 in revenue for care during their final years.


Did you know?

In the state of Washington, there are close to 3,000 Adult Family Homes. In King County alone, there are over 1,000 facilities!


Now ask yourself...

  1. How does your potential resident’s family find you first?
  2. How do you distinguish yourself from the rest of the facilities out there?

Why having a website is essential!

Over 50% of people looking for information do so on the internet using a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).  Even more challenging is the fact that presently over 50% of the internet access is done on small mobile devices which have unique requirements for website display. So the honest reality is…


If you don’t have your own website, showcasing your home and your services, your potential clients can’t find you at all.


If your website is not “responsive” (displays perfectly on all devices), even if someone finds you, they leave quickly in frustration.


Either way, you’re eliminated right out of the gate, without even a chance to present yourself!

What if you’re on one of those placement referral service sites?  Well, think about it — they have hundreds of other homes just like yours listed on their website and one of their main sources of revenue is selling listings to providers! If you think that’s all you need to do, then you’re probably kidding yourself.

But you can stop throwing money away and make the switch…

It’s quite likely that for what you’re already spending, you could have your very own website — but with full control over the content, and have potential clients contact you directly.

Let me help you take control and get noticed with an economical website package designed specifically for providers in the Adult Long Term Residential Care industry.

How can you help clients choose YOU??

Having a professional website is the answer!

Take the next step now… send me an email, there’s no obligation.  I’ll send you information on how we will partner together in an easy website creation process and you will soon have your own beautiful custom website.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Prices above have been discounted by applying a $50 “thank you” credit, giving me the ongoing right to place a small link to my website in the footer area of your website. To have a website without such a link, please add $50 to the above listed prices.
  • Prices above are exclusive of domain hosting service costs and domain name registration costs. Although I will guide you in acquiring these and setting them up, these are additional services contracted and paid for by you directly to the web hosting service and registrar.
  • On-going website maintenance and content updates is not included past the initial 60-days. Purchase of an annual maintenance contract separately is possible if maintenance services are desired.

More Terms and Conditions apply. A complete list will be supplied with our Website Development Agreement.