Project48 — Web Design and Custom Software Development

How current is your web design? 5 years old? or older? Or maybe you don’t have a web site yet? Everyone knows how fast technology moves. Just a few years old is almost ancient in the internet world. It wasn’t that long ago that very few people even used the internet — in 1995 it was less that 1/2 percent of the world population. And now, only 20 years later, over 40% of the people in the world are using the internet!

And this will only increase. For internet users, the first place they look when they want to buy something, learn something, or find out anything is the internet. So if your business is not on the internet and “lookin’ good” then you are simply invisible. Contact Us now to discuss how to improve or create your internet presence.

We Do…

· custom database design

· custom code development

· practical cost effective solutions

· emphasis on functionality and usability

· seamless integration of off-the-shelf products

Database Design

Custom designed database applications. Private intranet or cloud based.


Website development using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, WordPress and more.

Custom Integration

Create complex applications quickly by integrating multiple off-the-shelf applications.


Training & Support

Providing easy to understand detailed documentation, user training and technical support services.

Contact Us

References and resume provided upon request.
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